Reflections of a Recruiter

As an HR Professional for close to twenty years, it is always surprising to see how little effort some applicants put into their resume.

Simply put, your resume is the first introduction that an employer has to you, it is the first impression – and first impressions count.

What are some common errors found on resumes?  I’ll list a couple that no one should be making in 2017: Continue reading


Lessons about life – from living without a Smart Phone

It has been 5 days since my Smart Phone died – it was a rather sudden so there was no time to do all the checking and re-checking that all contacts were migrated and saved carefully.  Nope – quick and quite the comprehensive blow – so here I am five days later – with a non-smart phone and I realised that the last five days have taught me some great lessons – which of course I feel compelled to share.  Continue reading

Giving Up the Strong Woman Title!

To be quite honest – I’m all over the whole Strong Women bit!  

It’s as if, we as women as just expected to be almost Super human – taking all sorts of nonsense and wiping it away as if nothing happened and coming out stronger than ever, with our cape on.

I am tired of people saying that you have to be strong and look as if nothing is wrong even when all you want to do is just have life stop for a moment, so you can catch your breath.

I am tired of society giving men a free pass – but expect women to be all things to everyone, to take up the mantle, to be the strong one, the one who can cope – while men get to be – well men!! Which unfortunately in many of our societal circles – translates to having nonsense forgiven because they are men.

Yes – before you go off on a tangent, thinking that I am against men.  I’m not – what I am against is this fallacy we’ve built thinking that women have to be strong!  Thinking that it is not only just ok – but it is a must, that women put on a mask every day and pretend that we are ok – even if we are not!   Continue reading

Make Saturday Count!

Ah yes – Saturday!! That day that we turn off the alarm, actually get to sip our coffee (instead of gulping it down as we rush through the door) and relax.

And before you know it – POOF!!! It’s gone and Sunday afternoon is its replacement.

To get the most out of our days – we need to make all our days count (not just the ones where we follow the routine) – so here are some of my suggestions on what you could do, to make the most out of your Saturday!  Continue reading

Did you drink the Kool-Aid?

As a Career Coach and HR Consultant, I see tons of resumes – literally!! And I speak to even more on a daily basis – people (good people I might add) who feel cheated.

Why?  Because they followed the formula presented to them by everyone they looked up to – from parents to pastors and everyone in between.  Go to school, go to college and you’ll get a good job!!  But guess what?  In this new world of work – that formula is now a hit and miss.

Now – before you get me wrong and think I’m discounting education – I’m not.   Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Unemployed…

Dear Unemployed (Underemployed) Graduate: 

I know that in school you were sold the idea that if you worked hard, got good grades and did all the right things on the Checklist you would be rewarded with a “good job”.

But – that plan hasn’t really worked out has it?  In fact, here you are – with a good degree and still no job prospects – or certainly none that you want.

So how do you survive this employment drought?  Will it ever end?  Yes it will end.

I’ll tell you how I survived when I I graduated with my B.Sc Accounting:  Continue reading